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ProjectPartner clients include

Mighty River Power

Mercury Energy

Mercury Energy is one of New Zealand’s largest electricity companies – with a core business based on low fuel-cost electricity generation complemented by sales to homes and businesses. Mercury Energy use ProjectPartner to better manage the time and costs associated with projects and in particular the inter departmental and contractor costs and recoveries between their various projects - thereby enabling the production of more management information on which to make decisions. »


Waikato District Council

Waikato District Council uses ProjectPartner in multiple departments. The project management office uses it for managing council projects and the consenting office uses it to record chargeable time, such as resource consents processing. This enables Waikato District Council to summarise invoices in their billing system; rates and chargeable amounts recorded and then pull reports on details of time/ disbursements by staff member, type of work and dates. ProjectPartner also provides more detailed analysis of charges for both internal and external purposes. »


Wellington City Council

Wellington City Council uses ProjectPartner as part of the process that deals with a multitude of customer requirements e.g. building consents, health permits etc. Wellington City Council users can record their time and costs against the task/project resulting in a variety of reports being made available. Much of the information is integrated into other Wellington City Council systems e.g. the Leave Reconciliation report is integrated to HR systems.

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