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ProjectPartner Features

Flexible Data Organising

At its heart, ProjectPartner has a dynamic organisational model powered by a very well thought out database design. This gives companies the ability to organise in very different ways. We realise that life is not a project and time is allocated differently by different organisations. Our unique approach means that even within one business different divisions can capture time in different ways.

Powerful Time Capture

With ProjectPartner you can capture time using our drag and drop timesheet. Most people find they are able to learn to use our time capture in only a few minutes. ProjectPartner has dynamic tree structures which allows users to select from nodes in the tree and drop time, tasks, projects, portfolios or clients into the time sheet.

Reporting and Dashboards

Dashboards inside of ProjectPartner provide quick and powerful drill down and across capabilities via the dynamic charting engine. Powerful data capture also enables comprehensive reporting interfaces. Our reporting filters let the user access detail while at the same time allowing a macro view as required.

Rates and Roles

ProjectPartner provides maximum flexibility and opportunity when it comes to billing or internal re-charging. It allows for differential cost and charge rates by role, client, location, project task or custom field.

Approvals and Notifications

Because your financial and performance analysis can only be as accurate as the data provided, ProjectPartner has a strong system of approvals allowing for a workflow of timesheet signoff to be established. Notifications can be setup to alert about any aspect of the system e.g. incomplete timesheets, project overruns or overscheduled resources.


At ProjectPartner we understand that our solution needs to operate in an often complex world of enterprise applications. The ability to seamlessly integrate with other SaaS solutions, or on premise enterprise applications is a key part of our solution capacity. We have interfaces to ERP products, CRM products as well as custom interfaces for specific applications.

On Premise or SaaS installations

ProjectPartner is hosted in a cloud model and provided to the customers as a SaaS solution. If, however, you wish to install the system in house, we are happy to accommodate. A number of our customers have elected to install our solution on-premise.

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