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Capture all time, every time

To manage an organisation’s costs accurately you need to be able to capture everyone’s time and expenses. Whether you are a medium sized company or a large SOE, we provide the fastest, easiest most accessible mode of time capture in a complex organisation.

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Powerful cost centre analysis

In today’s corporate the need to capture time against task and also view and analyse via many different filters, and lenses, is a constant challenge. We allow you to organise your time capture in the way that works for your organisation.

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Integration with your systems

At ProjectPartner we understand our system needs to function as part of your corporate infrastructure. Whether you have Xero and a few spreadsheets or a corporate ERP, we are able to cater to them all. Our software has been installed in so many different environments and so many different ways we like to think of our team as interface ninjas.

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Comprehensive reporting

Complete, seamless and integrated data capture is one thing, but reporting is the real power of a good system.

ProjectPartner has a robust reporting engine providing timely accurate and relevant reporting first time, every time.

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